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A ring gag is an exciting toy that opens a world of oral possibilities. Like a ball gag it usually comes with a strap that you affix around the head to keep the gag in place. However, instead of stuffing the mouth and inhibiting speech and sound the ring gag props the mouth open. They come in different sizes but most men should be able to penetrate the mouth once the gag is in place and the wearer will be unable to stop them. It’s great for face fucking and it ensures that no teeth will be involved.

We reviewed many different styles, types and sizes, so you can select the one that works best for you and your needs!


All about O-Ring Gag

prva Find Your Favorite Ring GagThe typical mouth gag you see is called the O-Ring gag. It’s a ring that looks like an O and it props the mouth open in a perfect circle. More than anything it will make you think of oral sex when you admire your submissive in it. This gags are often too small for penetration so unless you get a big one it is more for humiliation and control than actual face fucking. It’s also a delight to see your submissive drooling uncontrollably because of the ring gag.

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Open Wide Gag

Open Wide Gag Find Your Favorite Ring GagThere’s a device called the open wide gag that is specifically built to allow for penetration. It features a thinner ring so there’s more space to slip your cock through the hole. It’s remarkably effective for oral sex. The spider gag is similar to an O-Ring gag but looks like a four legged spider instead of simply having a strap attached to a ring. The spider gag is often made of metal and be can harsh on the teeth and roof of the mouth if you buy the wrong size so be sure of what you or your submissive can handle before you purchase.

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The Spider Gag Review

spider1 Find Your Favorite Ring Gag

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Black Open Mouth Gag

This attractively completed mouth gag is one of my most desired gags.  I really like the advantage that it comes with different size rings which you can use it. It will definitely fit to just about any mouth size. the Ring gag retains the mouth open and holds the tongue under control, although letting comfortable inhaling.  Even more importantly, there’s much less chance of suffocation for the user compared to all other gag. This kind of gags are widely used in BDSM pursuits.


  • Plastic-type material easily detached O-Ringopenmouthgag1 Find Your Favorite Ring Gag
  • Comes equipped with two dimensions of rings: large one: 2 1/8 ring; smaller 1 3/4
  • Special luxury strap type
  • This product do not have any esters and softeners.


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